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Water and hiking environmental trail “Baskon Waterfall” (Chelush cordon - Baskon Waterfall), 1 day trail.

Duration of the trail: 5 hours.

Travel mode: hiking/water. Water transportation from Yailu settlement to Chelush cordon (35 km), or from Artybash settlement to Chelush cordon (55 km).

Season: May through September.

Trail comfortable carrying capacity: 2 groups of max 15 people/week.

Basic visitor instructions and guidelines:

1) stay on the trail;
2) don’t make excessive noise;
3) do not litter, take all your waste with you;
4) do not write or draw on stones and trees;
5) no alcohol and smoking allowed;
6) use matches, lighters and other open flames only in specially designated sites.

Flagship attractions of the trail:

Traveling along the trail visitors will learn a lot of interesting facts from the history of establishment of the Altaiskiy Reserve and about life and work of state inspectors at remote cordons. The trail also familiarizes visitors with the plant and animal life of the Reserve, Baskon Waterfall, conifer forests, bald mountain peaks, flora, fauna and bird fauna of the Altaiskiy Reserve.

The trail is unsuitable for visitors with disabilities.


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