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2010 events

o Expedition of Altaiskiy Reserve Friends Club “Aiuchak”

Children’s expedition to the Altaiskiy Reserve targeted at studying flora, fauna and helping the staff of the Reserve is some kind of a reward for hard work during the year. Children from the Aiuchak Club have been visiting the Altaiskiy Reserve for the fifth year in a row.  Learn more about the expedition 

o 2010 state inspectors' school
Photos by P.V. Orlov
Assembled album

o 2010 Savior of the Apple Feast Day

o Opening of a visitor center in Ulagan
The visitor center of the Altaiskiy Reserve was opened in Ulagan settlement on 9 September 2010.

o Snow Leopard Day

o Altyn-Kol Trail

o Practical training of students from the Moscow State University’s Geology Department

o Autumn press tour to the Altaiskiy Reserve
Photos by – Svetlana Shchigreva (Altaiskiy Reserve), Lyubov Ivashkina (newspaper “The Star of Altai”), Elena Panflo (newspaper “Nature of Siberia”, Altai Region)

o Roundtable “Animals that are close to us”
The roundtable devoted to the World Animal Day was held in the Chevalkov National Library of the Altai Republic (named after M. V. Chevalkov). The roundtable brought together representatives of the Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve, Chevalkov National Library of the Altai Republic, National Museum of the Altai Republic named after A.V. Anokhin, eco-biological department of the Altai Republic’s Center of Extended Education for Children (station of young naturalists), media (Lyubov Ivashkina, newspaper “The Star of Altai”), Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights) Department in the Altai Republic, Altai Republic’s state institution “Resvetstation”, Altaiskiy Reserve Friends Club “AIuchak” (from Gorno-Altaisk municipal educational institution - secondary school №12), Altaiskiy Reserve Friends “The Cedar branch” (the Altai Republic’s high school named after V.K. Plakas).

o 2010 Teletskaya school
Coming back to the Lake of Wonders in 2011

o Camera traps for snow leopard population monitoring in the Argut Valley
October 5-17, 2010 witnessed field works in the mid part of the Argut River basin undertaken within the framework of a joint project of WWF, Panthera Foundation, Altai Assistance Program and Altai Project targeted at monitoring the snow leopard population in the Argut River Valley. Sergey Spitsin, the Altaiskiy Reserve’s employee, and two residents of Inegen settlement – Aduchi Beletov and Viktor Samoilov – installed 18 automatic Reconix RapidFire and HyperFire camera traps in the mid part of the Argut River basin – the flagship habitat of the largest snow leopard population in Russia. Photos by Sergey Spitsin, Aduchi Beletov, Viktor Samoilov.

o United command and staff exercises
Photos from the official website of the EMERCOM of Russia’s Department in the Altai Republic.

o Photo and video expedition to Lake Dzhulukul. June 2010. Photos by Ivan Dementievskiy


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