What is the international status of the Altaiskiy Reserve?

Established on 16 April 1932
UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998
Included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme on 26 May 2009
Included in WWF’s Global 200 list of virgin or little changed ecoregions of the world boasting exceptional levels of biodiversity (90% of the Earth’s biodiversity)

Does the Altaiskiy Reserve provide overnight accommodation and on what terms?

Accommodation is available in the Yailu settlement and in Karatash, Baigazan, Chelush, Bele cordons. Information on accommodation conditions and cost can be obtained on arrival or over the telephone in Yailu: 8 495 645 22 62 (Yailu attendants); 4512 for tone dialing.

What ecotourism destinations are open to visitors in the Altaiskiy Reserve?

To travel along ecotrails and take advantage of the Reserve’s eco campsites and viewing platforms, all visitors are required to pay an entry fee and receive an entry permit.

The following eco campsites, viewing platforms and environmental (eco) trails are available to eco-tourists in the Altaiskiy Reserve:

1. Viewing platform “Korbu Waterfall” – 100 rubles/person/day.
2. Eco campsite “Yailu” – the central manor of the Altaiskiy Reserve”, 50 rubles/person/day, 50 rubles/car/day.
3. Eco campsite “Karatash cordon”, 50 rubles/person/day.
4. Eco campsite “Baigazan cordon”, 50 rubles/person/day.
5. Eco campsite “Kokshi cordon”, 50 rubles/person/day.
6. Eco campsite “Chelush cordon”, 50 rubles/person/day.
7. Eco campsite “Karagai urochishche (natural boundary)”, 20 rubles/person/day.
8. Environmental trail “Belinskaya terrace”, 50 rubles/person/day.
9. Environmental trail “Uchar Waterfall”, 100 rubles/person/day.

How can one get to Yailu and Artybash settlements and Korbu Waterfall?

One can get there by land or by water.

What is the general procedure for obtaining an entry permit to visit the territory of the Reserve?

An entry permit can be obtained in the Reserve’s head office in Gorno-Altaisk (tel. 2-14-19), on arrival in Yailu check point, or in the Artybash settlement (Teletskaya Str., 12). Those willing to receive a group entry permit are required to submit the list of the group, specifying its leader and providing his/her passport data, aim of the group’s visit, schedule (terms) and travel plan (itinerary). Application must be submitted not later than a month before the intended visit.
If you need further information, feel free to contact the Reserve’s headquarters in Gorno-Altaisk.

What rules of conduct should one observe when visiting Yailu, the central manor of the Altaiskiy Reserve?

Yailu hosts the entry check point in charge of transport circulation (controlling its entry and exit). Every visitor is required to receive an entry permit and all necessary information on accommodation. Parking and camping is permitted only in specially designated sites with the approval of an attendant on duty.


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