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2011 events

o 2011 Teletskaya school

o Dzhulukul Lake protection

o Field excursion of the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) to the Altai Republic’s specially protected nature territories. Photos by S.N. Shchigreva
ICIMOD field excursion to the Altai Republic’s specially protected nature territories took place in July 2011. The international delegation visited the Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve, Chui-Oozy Nature Park, Uch Aenmek Nature Park and the Katunskiy Biosphere Reserve, including visitor centers of nature territories, and held a series of meetings with the local population.

o WWF Friends Club gathering in the Altai-Sayan ecoregion  took place in the tourist ecocenter Yurtok at the beginning of July 2011. The event welcomed 56 participants from the Altai Republic, Tyva Republic, Kemerovo Oblast, Moscow, Tomsk, Barnaul. Photos by S.N. Shchigreva, V.Y. Levchenko, N. Chibrikova.

o Letter of acknowledgement from the editorial staff and publishing house of the National Geographic Russia magazine to the Altaiskiy Reserve

o Work placement in Kenozerskiy National Park. July 2011. Photos by S.N. Shchigreva

o Field survey on climate change monitoring in the Altaiskiy Reserve

o 2011 Press Tour

o Reserve’s Artal – workshop in Artybash

o A few days with a kestrel

o Snow leopard and manul cat on Chikhachev Ridge

o Children of the Bele Cordon. Photos by Pavel Filatov

o Summer scuba diving expedition to Lake Teletskoye


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