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Water and hiking environmental trail "Belinskaya terrace” (Bele cordon – Belinskaya terrace), 1 day trail.

Trail length: 5 km.

Proposed duration of the trail: 5 hours.

Travel modes: hiking/water. Water transportation from Artybash settlement to Bele settlement, 60 km.

Season: May through September.

Trail comfortable carrying capacity: 2 groups of max 15 people/week.

Basic visitor instructions and guidelines:

1) stay on the trail;
2) don’t make excessive noise;
3) do not litter, take all your waste with you;
4) do not write or draw on stones and trees;
5) no alcohol and smoking allowed;
6) use matches, lighters and other open flames only in specially designated sites.

Flagship attractions of the trail:

Belinskaya terrace is a unique natural-climatic and ethnographic site famous for its fruit orchards. It hosts the scientific research center, the phenological scientific observation trail, ancient historical monuments from the Turkic period – Kezer Tash (Stone Warriors (carved standing stones)) and It Bash (Stone Dogs).

The trail is unsuitable for visitors with disabilities.


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