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Teletskaya school of youth ecotourism – Above the Lake Project

 Above the Lake Project was launched in the Altaiskiy Reserve in 2008 after the first interregional Teletskaya school workshop was held in December 2007. The workshop brought together heads of the Tourism Department of Barnaul State Pedagogical College that united their efforts in launching a new environmental expedition project jumpstarting the tradition of volunteer works in the Altaiskiy Reserve as a new form of summer practice for college students – future hiking guides.

 More detailed information about the Above the Lake Project and its prospects can be found in the article «Environmental expeditions in the Altaiskiy State Nature Biosphere Reserve: experience and prospects” in the collection of materials of the Teletskaya school of youth ecotourism (pp. 92-100). The article is a professional toolkit for organizing and undertaking ecological expeditions in a specially protected nature territory.

In 2011 ahead of the International Conference “Children, Youth and Environment: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding» and following in the footsteps of the Above the Lake Project, the international research expedition “ To the Lord’s Table” http://hraniteliozera.ru/index.php/novosti/64-nad-ozerom was undertaken, which proof-tested the eco-trail and found it perfectly fit for the purposes of active children and youth ecotourism. 

Yevgeniy Veselovskiy

staff member of the Altaiskiy Biosphere Reserve,

coordinator for the Teletskaya school of youth ecotourism “Guardians of the Lake”.

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